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#TheRSA - Putting people and planet before profit

t was a surprise to say the least, when I found out this was an RSA event in recent months.

Last year, when Mckinsey ran their MIX competition I posted an entry - Re-imagining capitalism for people and planet.

 My article described how a paper on business with a primary social objective led to our activism in international development starting in Russia.

It wasn't easy to publish on a third  party site. A year earlier it had been offered to both the Social Enterprise and Sustainable business hubs on the Guardian.  

Establishing in the UK we sought investment for applying broadband infrastructure to the problem of poverty, warning of this risks of uprising by those increasingly disenfranchised  

Operating from the UK from 2004,our primary focus became the children abandoned to state care in Ukraine. Every child deserves a loving family is an overview of the impact this created.

People-centered economics, as we describe our work even gets a mention in the video. For us this is about taking the bottom line past numbers, to people.



After our founder died on mission, I wrote about the influences on People-Centered Economics which included Erich Fromm, Carl Rogers, Rollo May and others, it was a story about putting love and compassion into business and economics..    


In 2007,collaborating with Kharkiv National University we helped develop a proposal for an education centre for fundamental science. The outcomes would include a joint development initiative for medical isotopes and the acquistion of research on lithium fission. It was the former development site for Russia's H bomb  The Kharkiv university was the site proposed for a social enterprise development centre.

In February 2008, the  month we called on USAID and the Senate to support this approach in internat... , founder Terry Hallman also asked 'what is socia enterprise?'

"The corporations involved in this almost fantastical deployment of the machines and communications infrastructure that we now rely on profited for themselves and their shareholders, and certainly produced social and economic benefit around the world. Those efforts were and are so profound in influence as to transform human civilization itself. That is the Information Revolution, and it is nothing short of astonishing.

So it is safe to say that all these players in the Information Revolution — the enterprises that created it — have engendered almost immeasurable social benefit by way of connecting people of the world together and giving us opportunity to communicate with each other, begin to understand each other, and if we want, try to help each other."

I launched the Linkedin group - Social Business and For Benefit Corporation in March 2008 and it now has about 1800 members engaging on this subject.

For want of support or media exposure founder Terry Hallman died in poverty.  

So whether or not the RSA is supported in any way by public funding,  here's my question. given the endorsement for Etsy. Why isn't the same kind of support available to UK based organisations doing the same and perhaps more?